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Treat central sleep apnea without masks or medications

Living with central sleep apnea (CSA) can be exhausting. But with the remedē® System, you can finally get the sleep you need to take back your days.

Are you looking for relief from CSA? 

If you’re like many people living with central sleep apnea, you haven’t found a treatment that works–or lasts.

That’s why we developed the remedē System, the first FDA-approved non-mask therapy designed to treat moderate to severe CSA in adults. 

remedē is an implantable device that activates automatically and restores a more normal breathing pattern, so you can sleep peacefully—and have more energy for what you love.

Learn more about CSA and remedē

Understand CSA

Central sleep apnea is a serious disorder that causes disrupted breathing during sleep. Know the symptoms, causes, and how to find out if you have CSA.

Discover remedē

Learn about an FDA approved non-mask treatment for CSA.

Getting remedē

Understand the process of getting remedē and find a doctor near you who can help determine if you are a candidate.

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Real people, real impact

Hear from remedē patients who share their experiences living with CSA, how they got the remedē System, and how it’s improved their lives.