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 Treat your central sleep apnea patients–without masks or medications–with the remedē® System

Clinically proven to reduce the effects of CSA

The remedē® System is a proven, implantable sleep therapy specifically designed for treating Central Sleep Apnea (CSA) in a way that closely resembles the body’s natural physiology. It has demonstrated consistent and sustained long-term safety and effectiveness benefits that have shown to reduce the severity of CSA, improve sleep, breathing and quality of life.1

78% of patients reported quality of life improvement using the Patient Global Assessment1

96 percent pie chart

96% reduction in the median Central Apnea Index at 1 year2

95% of patient reported they would “elect to have the medical procedure again”1

5 years

Improvements in sleep
disordered breathing
and quality sustained
out to 5 years2

remedē Patient Pathway

The remedē patient pathway is an educational service providing resources for screening, patient selection, device implant and therapy optimization and follow up.