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Clinically proven to reduce the effects of CSA

The remedē® System is a breakthrough implantable system that safely and effectively treats moderate to severe central sleep apnea (CSA) in adult patients.1

  • Stimulates a more normal breathing pattern: By stimulating the phrenic nerve the remedē System activates the diaphragm, a physiologic mechanism similar to natural breathing
  • Automatic and continuous treatment: The system activates automatically at night, removing the need for patient interaction and alleviating patient compliance concerns
  • Sustained benefits: 81% reduction in the mean of the central apnea index from baseline to 6 months (versus an 11% reduction in the control group)1 and 93% reduction at 12 months.2
  • Recommended by patients: 95% of patients in the pivotal trial reported they would “elect to have the medical procedure again”2
  • The remedē EL-X is the latest advancement in remedē System technology, with enhancements and new features including:
    • Extended Longevity: the remedē EL-X battery life extended by 40% from previous model2 (under typical settings)
    • Patient-friendly design: the size of the remedē EL-X decreased by 25% from previous model2
    • Redesigned as a one lead, one port system: Single lead delivers stimulation and senses
    • Data-driven clinical insights with DRēAM View: An addition to remedē Reports, DRēAM View delivers full-night, detailed diagnostic capabilities.

See How the remedē System is Implanted

Medicare Payment

In 2018, CMS granted the remedē System the new technology add-on payment and the transitional pass-through (TPT) payment. These programs recognize innovative medical technologies that substantially improve the diagnosis or treatment of Medicare beneficiaries.