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Real people, real impact

remedē® Patients Share Their Stories

Watch real remedē patients share about their experience living with CSA, how they got the remedē System, and how it’s improved their lives.

remedē in their words

Patient stories

Bob Smith

Odessa, MO

Bob was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in 2014. He felt tired and was no longer able to enjoy his outdoor hobbies. After a sleep study revealed central sleep apnea, Bob and his doctor decided to go with the remedē System. Now, Bob and his wife, Margo, sleep well and can again enjoy their favorite activities together.

Shawn Johnston

Belton, MO

Shawn is a proud father of two active boys. After years of interrupted sleep, lethargy and thinking he had no options, Shawn was diagnosed with central sleep apnea. Since receiving the remedē System, Shawn has been able to stay asleep at night and feels rested. He now has the energy he needs to keep up with his boys.

Larry Pigeon

Manassa, VA

Larry, a retired Veteran, discovered he was in AFib during a scheduled bronchoscopy in 2017. A subsequent sleep study provided a diagnosis of central sleep apnea which began his journey to identify treatment options for better sleep. Now, an advocate for the remedē System for other Veterans in need, Larry dedicates some of his time to sharing his success with the VA community and spending time enjoying his new hobbies.

C.J. Jensen

Estes Park, CO

C.J. enjoys staying active with her quilting, acting, hiking, and gardening. But, her lack of good sleep prevented her from doing these things, or doing them with any enjoyment or full energy. Once finding the remedē System, C.J. has experienced a difference in her mood, energy levels, and is able to do all the things she loves again.

Common questions

Before getting remedē, how did central sleep apnea affect your daily life?
How was recovery from the remedē procedure?
What was it like getting accustomed to remedē?
What does remedē therapy feel like?
Describe your remedē therapy optimization process.
How has remedē affected your daily life?
What impact has remedē had on those around you?
What activities have you been able to do since getting remedē?
What advice would you give someone who is considering remedē?