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In search of better sleep?
Discover remedē®

If restless nights are disrupting your days, it may be time to consider the remedē® System—the first FDA-approved maskless therapy designed to treat moderate to severe central sleep apnea (CSA) in adults.

Breathe easier, sleep easier—treat CSA without masks or meds

FDA approved in 2017, remedē is a small, implantable device that activates automatically and restores a more normal breathing pattern so that you can treat your CSA without a mask or medications.

remedē is designed to help you rest easy, sleep peacefully—and have more energy for what you love.

Because better days start with better nights.

How remedē works

Normally when a person sleeps, the brain automatically signals the phrenic nerves to contract the diaphragm, pulling air into the lungs.

For people with CSA, the brain does not properly signal the phrenic nerves, which causes inadequate breathing that disrupts sleep.

The remedē System stimulates the phrenic nerves so that the brain doesn’t have to. remedē turns on automatically and works continuously to monitor and stabilize breathing—restoring a more restful sleep.

Clinically proven to improve sleep, breathing & quality of life

78% of patients reported quality of life improvement using the Patient Global Assessment1

96 percent pie chart

96% reduction in the median Central Apnea Index at 1 year2

95% of patients reported they would “elect to have the medical procedure again”1

5 years

Improvements in sleep
disordered breathing
and sleep quality sustained
out to 5 years2

Real people, real impact

Watch real remedē patients share about their experience living with CSA, how they got the
remedē System, and how it’s improved their lives.