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Patient Follow Up

Patient follow up and monitoring takes place in three general phases: therapy initiation, therapy optimization and long-term follow up

1. Therapy Initiation Visit – 4 to 6 weeks following device implant

Patients are seen in clinic for therapy initiation. During this 1-hour visit, the remedē® device information will be analyzed and parameters customized to fit the patient’s tolerability and sleeping patterns. The remedē device will begin working that evening at the programmed sleeping start time, once it detects that the patient is in the sleeping. posture and not moving.

2. Therapy Optimization Visits

Therapy optimization visits of approximately 30-45 minutes will be scheduled every 6 to 12 weeks to allow for device assessment and programming changes to obtain optimal therapy for each individual patient. Patients typically require 2-to-3 follow up visits to achieve optimal therapy settings.

3. Long Term Follow Up

Once therapy is optimized, clinic visits of 15-20 minutes should occur every 3 to 6 months to review the patient’s subjective information, device data, and battery status.

remedē® Device Optimization and Follow Up Pathway

remedē device optimization and follow up pathway

Resources for the remedē device optimization and follow up visits

Download the remedē follow up visit check list

Download the remedē Reports Overview

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